The Costa Rica Quilt Retreat

Your Hosts

Rita Ulloa, originally from San Diego, has lived in Costa Rica for 25 years and has been quilting since 1996. She gives quilting classes in Spanish and English at her quilt shop, Ulloa Quilts. She likes making quilts in traditional styles and especially enjoys hand quilting. Since building the cottages of Villa Rita, she has acted as tour guide for many of her guests and knows lots of interesting places to visit.

Rita's contribution to the "Shapes and Colors of Costa Rica" quilt show (see link below) was based on a locally crafted picture of a traditional Costa Rican girl. The original plaque is made of wood, with a "mosaic" of aluminum pieces forming the figure. Rita adapted the mosaic style and added lots of color to create a striking and original piece. Click on the photo for a closer look.


Jennifer Tucker came to Costa Rica through a college program in 1989 and has lived here ever since, except for a few years spent in North Carolina, where she discovered quilting. Jennifer's quilts have ranged from traditional to traditional with a twist, to...well, one that requires a little explanation! She has been heard to say that she plans to learn hand quilting soon - maybe on her next quilt!

...But not this one! Jennifer's "Shapes and Colors" quilt was designed using Cynthia England's "Picture Piecing" technique. She started with a snapshot of her parrots, Rosita and Loren. Unfortunately, Rosita flew off after the quilt was designed, and before it was constructed. She is missed, and the family still hopes she'll turn up again someday. Click on the photo for a closer look

"La Típica" Rosita