The Costa Rica Quilt Retreat

When is the Retreat held?

Whenever you like!

We schedule retreats according to your group's needs, and offer them year-round. The retreat activities cover five full days, in addition to your arrival and departure days.

Most groups arrive on a Thursday and depart the following Wednesday; however, this is flexible. In some cases we may rearrange the order of our sightseeing activities so as to avoid weekend crowds, but all activities listed on the program will be included in every retreat.

If you're interested in coming but don't have a group of three or more, click here to coordinate with other quiters.

What kind of lodging is included?

We have two kinds of accommodations: B&B-style rooms in the main house where we do our sewing and have our meals, and independent cottages a few steps away.

Lodging will be assigned according to availability, although of course we will do our best to honor your preferences.

All accommodations are set up for double occupancy.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the five-day retreat program is $950 per person.

This price is nearly all-inclusive; see below for details.

What is included?

The retreat price include:

Are there any expenses that are not included in the retreat package?


Since our guests come from many different places, each guest (or group leader) is responsible for arranging the appropriate flights to and from Costa Rica.

Departure tax

The Costa Rican government charges a departure tax of $26 that must be paid at the airport before checking in for your departing flight (the day you go home). Unlike most other airport and travel taxes, this will not be included in the price of your airline ticket.

There are also a few optional extras: